Activities at

Bridgewater Park

Our diverse and interesting entertainment program will offer something for everyone.  From a wide variety of cultural, educational and social programs to day trips to local places of interest, you’ll always have something entertaining to enjoy – both on and off our campus.


Many of our activities will be determined by our resident council.  Each month they have the option to participate in developing activities and outings geared toward seniors. A few of those are listed below:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Fitness classes
  • Church services
  • Spelling bee contests
  • Trivia
  • Puzzles
  • Bingo
  • Volleyball
  • Wii
  • Musical concerts
  • Animal shows
  • Shopping
  • Cards
  • Picnics
  • Fishing


Terry Rosenzweig
Terry Rosenzweig
16:47 15 May 19
First I want to say from the hall of 200,the staff and especially Latonya were absolutely wonderful. The place is clean, but if you have loved ones that have special diets this place,is not for you we had a very hard time as our loved one is a brittle diabetic and they are not set up to handle that no matter how much we talked the the upper management about it the problem could not be resolved and it was absolutely necessary to transfer our loved one to somewhere else . Please research any and all patients needs with the admissions before you place your loved one in more
Neil Noble
Neil Noble
23:45 01 Apr 19
Bridgewater was highly recommended by a memory care facility my dad was in at the time. He is in his mid-eighties and suffers from dementia and falls a lot. After being recommended we figured he was in good hands and boy were we duped. The 2 days of physical therapy with the therapists were good but that was it. The day nurse who was on 1/23/19 was rude to my mother when she tried to ask her about his medications because if he doesn’t get the right dosages he becomes disoriented. She basically ignored my mother and when she finally decided to answer her she told my mother to read the notes if she wanted to know what he was given. My mother tried to report this unprofessional nurse but management also ignored her. I had called their number trying to get to the nurse’s station to ask them to please help my dad with eating and I never got thru to them. I left a message but received no return call. My dad was hungry and dehydrated since he needed help with eating and drinking. He was never showered or cleaned during the 3 days he was there. They don’t give patients fluids at night so my dad was thirsty and agitated and this isn’t good for a diabetic. They called my mother to come and get him on Friday when she was at her drs apt and she told them she will be there as soon as she is done with it. She is also elderly and cares for my dad a lot so she was stressed out after getting their phone call. Bridgewater had the memory care facility come and get him so when my mother got there the same rude nurse told my mother she released him already. This place is all about money and shows no compassion or empathy when it comes to the elderly and I hope the staff that works there wouldn’t want their loved ones to be treated the way my dad was at their facility. They took 7 days of copays from my mother and she had to report them to VISA to get her partial refund back since they wouldn’t return her phone call for the 5 unused days they were trying to pocket. Very unscrupulous people that run/work in this more
Carol Smith
Carol Smith
20:18 26 Feb 19
Terrible food.. can't recuperate or get stronger on such low quality, substandard & small portions of bad food. Apparently they think the big white bread bun at every meal will fill you up. But wait!! You can BUY food at their bistro to supplement your meals. Ridiculous. Management should have to eat the meals for a week to understand why residents lose weight instead of building muscle. My thin grandfather lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks & couldn't wait to be discharged. OT is good.. physical therapy isn't. Doctors need to be replaced along with heir practitioners. They shuffle papers, prescribe unneeded pills and charge big bucks without even seeing the patient. What about activities? Apparently, people are expected to sit in their room unless you have therapy. My grandfather felt like he was in more
Lori Ann
Lori Ann
14:10 04 Feb 19
I will start with the positive, the physical therapists are very good. The facility appears to be clean. The buck stops there. Do not mistake the upscale atmosphere for quality of care. They need more staff. If your loved one has health issues while under going rehab ,I would suggest that you make the time to visit once in the morning and once at night. You will need to ask them to have a meeting for your loved ones plan of care. Communication is not good, only when they needed my signature on a document did they reach out . Ask lots of questions make demands and get the names of who you speak to,write down the date and time. If your requests are not met with in hours be a very squeaky wheel, write a letter of grievance. They will want you to give it to social services. By pass the chain of command thru social services and nursing directors. Response time is way to slow or ignored completely. Go directly to the executive director with it, THEN drop a copy off at social services. Know the days they are suppose to run blood work or other tests, then ask for a print out of results that night. Talk with your loved ones normal physician Know what you need to be looking for on the test results.. If results are poor do not, I repeat DO NOT accept the answer that they are going to do something about it, "waiting on Dr.’s orders". Sit there until they address the situation, be very assertive. All of the rooms are private, at first I thought that was a great thing. If you are helpless, you have no one in the room with you to help get the attention of the overwhelmed staff that are not answering a buzzer or a call for help because they have way to many patients at one time to care more
Nancy Jackson
Nancy Jackson
16:41 03 Feb 19
Extremely happy with the Assisted Living component but extremely unhappy with the Rehab facility. Rehab failed to communicate with the family of the patient, and with each other, regarding all aspects of care - diet restrictions, personal care requirements and therapy scheduling. We pulled our friend out of rehab after experiencing multiple mis-communication and mistakes. The night staff was especially unhelpful. I believe they are under-staffed and have some incompetent or uncaring staff. Assisted living, on the other hand, has exceeded our expectations in every way. The staff, from management right down, has been very helpful, welcoming and efficient. Activities available every day, good food in a pleasant, classy dining room served by wonderful and caring people. Extra applause to Julianne in the front office and to Ruth in the dining more
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